Safe and fun oral hygiene

Making it easy and fun for children to take care of their oral hygiene, and offering safety, quality and originality at competitive prices, is not enough for us.

We want to go further to be considered benchmarks, the best in our field. We want children to be happy to see our products in their bathroom and parents to be comfortable choosing them.


Every day, while brushing their teeth, equipped with their favourite toothbrush and lots of imagination, children land in a fantastic place together with their favourite characters.

Spazzolini da denti per bambini Mr.White
Dentifrici per bambini Mr.White


Toothpastes specifically designed for children’s teeth from 3+ years with mild flavours.

Travel Set

Our sets consisting of toothpaste, toothbrush and beaker in a practical plastic pouch are perfect as a travel set.

pochette igiene orale Mr.White
Confezioni regalo Mr.White

Gift Packs

A gift that makes children and parents happy? The package with beaker, toothbrush, toothpaste and gadget is a useful and fun idea!

Did you know?

Mr. White has its own tricks to make oral hygiene fun for the whole family and here we share our little tips.

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