The know-how of the brands Mr. White and Mr. White Junior is based on the quality of research and development (R&D). This is the driving force that leads to the improvement of existing products, the development of new products and the achievement of our 3 key objectives: safety, innovation and effectiveness.

Safety: controlled and certified production
Our products are designed only with the best materials and ingredients which have successfully passed rigorous security checks.

Toothbrushes and plastic items are made in China under the direct control of our technicians in each new production. All items are checked and the company with whom we have chosen as partner has passed audits of 5 different European specialists.
Cosmetic and personal care products such as shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, mouthwash and toothpaste, are made in Italy in collaboration with a company pioneer certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 22716.

Innovation: the first toothpaste with 100% natural origin ingredients
We have always been known for the development of products that prevent irritation in children; moreover, the constant collaboration with advanced suppliers renders the Mr. White Jr range innovative: today we are developing a toothpaste with 100% natural origin ingredients.

No tear: a truly challenging test
To define a product as “NO TEAR” it must be subjected to a series of highly challenging tests: and when we write “NO TEAR” you can be sure that they have passed them all.

Effectiveness: respecting our natural defenses
Both our toothbrushes and our personal care products promote the development of healthy skin and gums, helping to preserve and protect their natural defense barrier.

No to potentially harmful ingredients
No Parabens. No silicons. No SLS. No PEG. When you find these words (and you will find them repeated in our catalog), you will know for sure that we do not use products that may develop allergies or other negative reactions. Our shampoos, shower gel and hand soaps do not contain them.


Rolly: the world’s smallest toothbrush, is an innovation created, designed in details and developed in its complex structure, entirely in our company. There is no other product like Rolly in the world, ideal for travelling and perfect when you eat away from home.
Rolly is convenient, discreet, and effective; it can be used without water anywhere and anytime, providing freshness and oral hygiene. It is the only device that can fill the gap between chewing gum and the traditional toothbrush.

The innovative drive, curiosity, and the determination to develop the most advanced products are the features that clearly distinguish us in the market.



The world’s smallest toothbrush!

Rolly is the only pocket toothbrush which can be used anywhere and at any time, ensuring fresh breath and teeth clean.