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Aristocats Gift Pack

Gift pack consisting of: battery-powered toothbrush, children’s mint flavour toothpaste, size 75 ml, beaker, card game. The Mr.White battery-powered toothbrush with pulsar technology, i.e. vibration technology, offers more effective oral hygiene than a conventional toothbrush. The head is specially designed to reach all tooth surfaces in the child’s mouth. The bristles are soft and rounded to be as gentle as possible on tooth enamel and gums. It is recommended to change the toothbrush head every 3 months or when the bristles appear visibly deteriorated. Replacement heads available on Amazon. The toothbrush comes with 1 replaceable 1.5V AA battery.

3 original little kittens full of enthusiasm and talent together with a variety of characters drag the whole family into the cheerful and romantic atmosphere of Paris in this Disney animation classic.

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Mr. White has its own tricks to make oral hygiene fun for the whole family and here we share our little tips.

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